Advanced data science and leading technology can help make European societies take the next great leap forward


…between the use of technology & data to improve public safety…

…and protecting civil liberties & privacy.

Modern day human behavior generates an immersive amount of structured and unstructured data. Solutions, technology and companies like ours help governments to capture and unlock this data and shape new instruments such as fast security threat analysis, anomaly detection and alert-triggering to people and systems when public safety could be at risk. 100 percent safety does not exist and will not be obtained, but it is a powerful aid used by more and more countries to achieve that very same goal at an affordable cost.

The altering safety climate and the existence and use of these tools justify thorough exploration, better understanding and constructive debate on the use of these technologies by national, international and local government actors in Europe that were asked to keep us safe.

Season One believes that building and using this type of capabilities should however not jeopardize the very essence of what it means to be and feel safe in a democracy. The definition of balance between safety and civil liberties is one to be set on many fronts. It is between uncontrolled phone taps and privacy, between freedom of movement and systematic searches at public soft spots, between monitoring all citizen data and following just a few suspects, between too much and too little security enforcement on our streets.

In the use of data technology as a security booster more particular, it lies in a close and transparent collaboration between private and public actors within local and international regulations. It lies in the definition of ethical boundaries and democratic values and ways of controlling these mechanisms. It lies in collaboration with universities, public opinion leaders and privacy advocates. It lies in thinking about relevant data, instead of only more data. We will help security services ensure that balance in a technical solution.

Seen the challenges they are facing in this new era, police forces, army personnel and security services should be able to focus on their key tasks and use top technology to keep us safe and to stop the bad guys from doing bad things. At Season One, we have the commitment to make a difference.

We can never guarantee 100% safety, but it should be our goal.



At Season One we believe in an open culture of idea generation where the toughest challenges are solved through a process of lean & fast iteration. We thrive on co-creation, bringing together a mix of skills and backgrounds if needed. A wise statement is that blissful ignorance generates innovative ideas to tackle problems. Where experts are bound by their knowledge, an unproven team does not think within a box and can come up with innovative ideas. Season One can help rethink the way security operators and applications could benefit from data without rethinking the entire architecture.

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