Building Suspect DNA
the single view on the suspect

Advanced data science that enables real-time threat analysis & alerts

Optimisations of resources

Law enforcement and security organizations face great challenges in storing, aggregating, analyzing and reacting quickly upon what have now become massive “flows” of information needed to do their job.
At Season One we have the technology to manage the need for interoperability of the relevant and authorized structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources and assemble relevant metrics, components around designated suspected data points.

Suspect DNA: Building the single view on the suspect

Metrics can have both have static and predictive values. We call this “One single view on the suspect”, or the Suspect DNA. In real time – depending on the availability of the source data – these DNA components evolve and change, and based on the algorithms of these components and the instructions that have been programmed in the DNA software, they will trigger digital signals to designated people and systems used in the secured environment of your organization.
Image the butterfly effect in a technology where one data point is connected to millions of other data points in real time and drawing conclusions based on what you have learned or what you have asked it to learn.

We are engaging with government actors in law enforcement in the areas of:

  • Propensity modeling
  • One view on a suspect data point
  • Automated triggering
  • Profiling translation
  • Behavior prediction
  • Anomaly detection
  • Multi-source network data aggregation
  • Footprint constitution and analyses
  • Footprint comparison tooling
  • Inbound soft-spot resource and process optimization
  • License Plate Reader Optimization
  • Privacy and civil liberties protection mechanisms
  • Social Network analysis

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